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Episode 26: How to Master the Art of Teaching Online

Do you create online courses, memberships sites and the like in order to teach students all over the world? In this episode, Anthony Korahais (Author, teacher, and founder of Flowing Zen) shares his secrets to building a successful membership site in the online world. You will learn how to better engage and teach your clients, how to become a better online teacher and much more.

Episode 17: The “Spillover Effect” of Positive Leadership w/ JoAnna Brandi

Being a conscious leader means that you are aware of your impact on others. In this episode, happiness expert JoAnna Brandi shares with us what being a positive leader is and how great leadership can benefit your customers as well as your bottom line. You’ll learn practical tips for becoming a conscious leader, why being a positive leader in is the ultimate competitive advantage, & more.

Episode 10: 7 Strategies Successful Leaders Use to Manage Stress w/ Steve Romano

Steve Romano is an expert in leadership development, executive coaching & the Managing Director of Olistica. In this episode, he shares with us his top 7 strategies for managing stress from the inside out. You’ll discover how to decrease your stress while increasing your decision-making abilities, why self-awareness in leadership is the true key to success & more.

Episode 08: The Way of the Sacred Warrior in Business w/ Elizabeth Wilcock

Entrepreneurs are at the forefront of merging the sacred world with business. In this episode, Elizabeth Wilcock (founder of The Priestess Path), will teach you key tips for finding your purpose, how to merge your sacred work with your business, how to find alignment in order to operate your business and your purpose as one, and how to go about making the right decisions based on your intuition in order to raise your business & profits.

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