Your purchase is NOT refundable after the stated refund period. This means NO REFUNDS under any conditions or circumstances because many of our products are digital and you receive instant access.

Please make sure that you understand there are NO REFUNDS after the stated refund period for any reason when you purchase.

We also DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY RESULTS which depends on your own level of knowledge, ability to take action, email and social list size, and many other factors that are NOT in our control. 

Every individual will have a different outcome that we can not predict. This means that we make no financial, fitness, health or any other claim. 

Many of the social media and search platforms change on an ongoing basis which we have no control over and often this will affect the ability to get positive results. Please be aware of this before you make a decision to purchase.

Many purchase training programs with the intent to do the work  but never complete the assignments and fail to take consistent action. We sincerely wish that you will complete our trainings to have the best possible chance for a favorable outcome, but again in no way can we guarantee this or the outcome.

YOU UNDERSTAND that with any business endeavor there is an inherent risk, including a loss of capital and loss of customers and therefore you assume all responsibility for any such risk.



Any examples, case studies, testimonials on our website or related pages are examples of what have been possible in the past but NOT of what is possible now or in the future. We can give you no assurance to any financial outcome.  Testimonials are for illustrative purposes only. All testimonials and case studies are from actual clients but are not representative of the results that many get because most often people fail to complete the programs and do the work necessary. 

TO GET RESULTS TAKES TIME, EFFORT AND IT IS NOT EASY. This is not a get rich scheme and we have put our heart and soul into creating some of the best trainings and tools to give you the best chance of success.

Even when you follow the guidelines and program it is not always possible to achieve the results and many other factor may exist that are not in our or your control. We have done our best to optimize your chance for success given the information that we have and from our previous launches, but that does not mean that we are able to guarantee these results for you. 

You should only take part in our programs if it is not a financial burden and you have the ability to complete all payments for the program. Failure to complete payments will result in loss of access and inability to purchase future programs in the future.

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