Welcome to Conscious Marketer

We are a digital marketing agency that has been in the digital space for over 18 years serving conscious businesses, entrepreneurs and publishers. We work as your marketing partner to build and create your online courses, membership sites and virtual events.

Our agency has managed over 300+ online digital launches including online courses, membership sites, virtual summits, and high-ticket offers that have sold over 350,000 courses generating over $50 million in revenue for clients. We offer the following opportunities to work with us:

  • The Digital Soul Syndicate: The Syndicate is our monthly membership program and community that meets weekly to help you overcome blocks to marketing, send great emails, and post regular content on social media including video to build your reach and online presence and platform.
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  • The 90-Day Launch Accelerator: The Accelerator is a 90-Day online program, with both prerecorded and LIVE sessions, to help you create your core offer and get it launched so you can start serving clients. You’ll learn the same proprietary launch process we have used to sell over 350,000 programs.
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  • The Source Mastermind & NetworkThe Source is our highest-level mastermind group that helps conscious authors, therapists, coaches, and creators build out full digital business models. We meet for LIVE in-person training (in the US and Europe), weekly strategy calls, and quarterly marketing plan sessions.
  • The Private Client Agency – The Agency is our private client group where we create long-term partnerships with leading authors, brands, and purpose-drive conscious organizations working with them to create online strategy, marketing plans, and sales campaigns. In some cases we work as a outsourced marketing department and/or offer fractional CMO services.

About the Founder

Richard Taubinger

CEO, Conscious Marketer

Richard founded Conscious Marketer with the simple idea to serve conscious businesses, entrepreneurs and publishers by helping them get accelerate growth through online marketing so they could make a positive impact in the world. He is passionate about helping others create ‘inner transformation’ and then to find ways to express that via professional fields such as therapy and movement arts as well as in entrepreneurship and the business world.

Richard has a background in investment management, higher education and digital publishing. He holds an MBA from University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) retired status.  He splits his time between Barcelona, Spain and Maine, USA as well as travels to do trainings and to work with clients on-site with his team.

Supporting Children & Meditation

The Conscious Marketer Team gathered in the Summer of 2016 and decided as a group to make part of our purpose and mission to support a community movement with time, expertise and finances.

We decided to contribute to a cause that would help children and young adults connect with their own inner guidance through meditation and mindfulness. Currently we are actively choosing several organizations to work with who are teaching meditation in schools and other venues.

We have been working with Mission Be as a marketing partner to bring their work into elementary schools, high schools and to parents.

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