The Source Mastermind

Our highest-level, multi-year mastermind and network of powerful creators to grow your business.

Are you looking to exponetially grow your business next year?

Do you want to expand your digital reach in the market, across multiple channels and platforms?

Are you an entrepreneur committed to conscious business practices?

Have you been searching for a Mastermind group that will help you to market your work authentically?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

then The Source Mastermind might be for you.

What is the Source Mastermind?

The Source is our highest-level business development group that helps conscious authors, therapists, coaches, and creators build out full digital business models and put them into play, including strategy maps, lead generation, asset creation, video training, marketing plan building, and offer launches.

Your Source guides are Founder, Richard Taubinger and Director of Storytelling and Brand Development, Kylie Slavik. We also invite guest faculty on a regular basis.

Who is it for?

The Source is for those who feel a draw to participate in the growth of their business from the Higher Self or Soul Level and recognize that we are here at this time to serve a bigger purpose. 

It’s for people ready to step into a powerful group energy field and to actively contribute to and learn from a group of like-minded peers that operates through dreams, spontaneous connections, inner journeys, coincidences, and guides both physical and nonphysical.

What does it include?

The Source Mastermind + Networking requires a year-long commitment that includes weekly LIVE virtual mentoring calls, quarterly digital marketing plan bootcamps, 2x/month copy- and storytelling-focused sessions, 2 in-person intensive events, and access to an exclusive membership portal.

What happens after I apply?

We take the Source application process seriously, with the intention of gathering the right group of people and setting you up for success. After we review your initial application, we may want to interview you further to determine if this is the best fit for all.


Fill out our initial application and we’ll get in touch with you within 48 hours.

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