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training programs to Expand Your Digital Reach, Authority & Impact

The Online Launch Incubator


Our Product Launch Incubator is a 5-week online small group mentoring program plus LIVE event.

There are a lot of different ways to approaching digital media and dozens of different tactics and strategies. Choosing the right one for your unique gift and know what to focus on can be the difference between success and failure.

During this hybrid online and live event you will:

  • Building your internet business map
  • Defining your avatar
  • Developing your first seed offer
  • Working on launch copy: videos, emails, social posting and offer pages
  • Setting up the timeline and deliverables
  • Getting your technology setup and ready to go
  • Setting up member portal areas
  • Understanding affiliate relationships and multipliers
  • Pressing the GO button and going live with the launch
  • Delivering the program
  • Getting feedback and taking your launch from 1.0 to 2.0

The primary focus this course is setting up your digital launch and getting your seed launch into the marketplace as fast as possible. We call this a MVP or Minimal Viable Launch.

The Product Launch Incubators are held in the Spring and Fall and currently occur in Maui, San Diego or Boulder.

Summit Success Blueprint

The Summit Success Blueprint is a 7-week training program to create and launch your own online summit. A Summit is an incredible strategy both for those wanting to build their reputation in a niche as well as for those who are ready to rapidy expand their influence and reach. A Summit can also help you to:

  • Build your email list
  • Create status and authority in your field
  • Allow you to interview experts
  • Gain social followers
  • Get invited to speak on stage
  • Create a profitable new product

Conscious Creator Mastermind

The Conscious Creator Mastermind is structured to give you maximum personal time on a weekly basis and to have deeper experiences for three times a year. Here is what you’ll receive:

  1. Three 3-Day in person strategy and implementation weekends: We will be meeting in conscious centers such as San Diego, Boulder, Maui and Sedona. These will be intense weekend that will be full of teaching, sharing and helping you plan and move your business forward with clear action plans. These will be recorded and placed in a private member area.
  2. Weekly Group Mentor Calls: This is your weekly opportunity (52 sessions) to ask questions and work on your business real-time. These calls will go as long as they need to and you will get as much working and seeing how others build their businesses as when you are working on your own. If you miss a call these will also be recorded.
  3. Deep-Dive Internet Trainings: When appropriate we will do deep dives into specific tactics that can help you in your business.
  4. Accountability Partners:  You will have the option to be paired with one other member to keep each other accountable week by week.
  5. Quarterly Strategy Reviews: We will work on a quarter cycle with the aim to have 3-5 initiatives for each quarter and to have ONE primary focus each quarter. This will help you focus your efforts and help you create results. We will begin each quarter with a special call to develop our quarterly goals and review previous quarters.
  6. LIVE Expert Interviews: From time to time we will being in guest experts to share and present ideas and practices that can help you in your business.
  7. SPECIAL Bonuses: This will be a fun group and expect the unexpected.

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