Episode 91: Tantric Brand Storytelling with Nadja Eriksson

Jul 6, 2023 | Podcast

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Are you aiming to scale your conscious business and serve your dream clients?

The key ingredient is writing magnetic brand stories on all your socials to stand out. You WANT to seduce and sell your audience with your words.

Mystical Brand Strategist and copywriter Nadja Eriksson is here to share with us her wisdom on how to effectively spread your gifts to the world with a unique blend of story, strategy, and spirituality and to get paid to serve love.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast —  Tantric Brand Storytelling with Nadja Eriksson.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:01:44] Coaching is a noble path – but is it your true purpose? Nadja retells her early start as a relationship coach with a deep love for storytelling. Challenging life events have led her to the new world of copywriting.

[00:08:38] Pay attention. A download can come at any moment! The idea of Tantric Brand Storytelling came to Nadia on a quiet winter day. Now, she aims to help business owners integrate their essence into their unique message to make it stick!

[00:16:11] Pulling out your authentic brand story is a process. Nadja gives us a glimpse into her method, involving deep questioning. She talks about two unforgettable client success stories where she guided them out of rock bottom and into their true voice.

[00:19:27] Set your boundaries on vulnerability. You get to choose how much you want to share with the world. Richard emphasizes the importance of opening yourself up to people in transmission to receive knowledge and guidance.

[00:25:36] What’s the future? A coaching transmission, a three-month mentorship program, and a book are in the works. Nadja works hard in her unique field that skirts the edge of spirituality and business.

Nadja Eriksson is a mystical brand strategist, copywriter, and story mentor in the transformational industry. She helps conscious entrepreneurs shape stories that seduce and sell, so they can get paid to serve Love. Through her work with hundreds of people, she’s seen first-hand that Tantric Brand Storytelling is pure magic for making your audience feel connected to you, share your message, and join your programs. 

Before becoming a marketer, Nadja worked as a tantric life-and relationship coach. But in the summer of 2019, a powerful plant medicine journey guided her to quit coaching and help other conscious creators with growing their businesses instead.  

She supports bright humans in service to Love because she believes that remembering the Divine is the only way to create Heaven on Earth. 


Website: https://www.nadjaeriksson.com/

Email: nadja@nadjaeriksson.com

LinkedIn: Nadja Eriksson

Facebook: Nadja Eriksson

Instagram: @nadjaerikssonxo

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