Episode 86: Intuitive Branding Hosts: Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik Guest: Sunil Godse

May 25, 2023 | Podcast

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Conscious entrepreneurs, listen up! 👂🏻✨

Success in your business depends on your intuition, but not just any intuition. 

Our guest, Sunil Godse, shares that by recognizing which type you are strongest in, you can leverage that intuition to make decisions that will lead to business success. 

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Key points covered in this episode: 

[00:00:16] Introduction: Meet Sunil Godse. He wrote the book “Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.” He has discovered that the number one reason that entrepreneurs have failed to create a trusted brand was that because they ignored their intuition. 

[06:37] Four types of intuition: Experiential Intuition 

Sunil shares that intuition is there when we’re born. Infants as young as two months old have been shown to have intuitive tendencies. But intuition is also learned through failures and successes stored in our brain’s subconscious like a library.

[07:43] Relational Intuition is about the people you surround yourself with and those you trust. 

[08:49] Situational Intuition looks at the situation and trusts your gut even if the data tells you otherwise.

[09:23] Creative Intuition is the one that allows you to make risky decisions based on your level of risk. It may seem scary, or people may want to tamper down that risk by giving you bad advice. But if inner signals say that’s the right decision to make, then you make it.

[12:45] Did you know? Research says people can immediately sense inauthenticity and lack of alignment between words and actions in just 33 milliseconds. Within 10 to 14 seconds, they can decide not to want to work, engage or stay in such an environment. 

[15:33] Marketing requires trust to build brand awareness. Sunil suggests that we look at our marketing messaging and inquire intuitively about how we build awareness with our target market. It’s not about products and features but how we make people’s lives better and easier.

[23:34] Sunil’s Intuitive Branding process brings leaders and organizations through their vision statements and core values, ensuring they all have to be aligned with the four types of intuition.

[30:26] Richard lives the benefits of following part intuition and part kinesiology. Your higher self is always watching over you, helping you access a vast network of knowledge and energy. Trust your inner ability, and be empowered to perceive subtle signs and insights your conscious mind might overlook.

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After writing his first book, “Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.”  Sunil Godse discovered that the number one reason that entrepreneurs had failed to create a trusted brand was because they ignored their intuition.

After spending thousands of hours reviewing over 50 years of academic research that led to writing his second book, “GUT!”, Sunil discovered that your intuition is VERY complex, being made up of four different types, with each type sending a series of unique intuitive signals that help you make the right business decisions that create a trusted brand with your employees and customers who are directly responsible for the growth of the business.

He has spoken on stages like TEDx, created a process called Intuitive Branding and has worked with many entrepreneurs and major corporations.

Connect with Sunil Godse 

Website: https://sunilgodse.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intuitivebranding101

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intuitivebranding101/

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