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Are you looking into getting help from marketing agencies?

If you’re ready to adapt, collaborate, and put yourself out there, it may be the best decision you could make for your business.

Tom Gibbons, Managing Director of Brightside Digital, shares his insights on how business owners can make the most out of marketing agency services, the pros of producing a podcast, and getting started on networking.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast – How Marketing Agencies Help with Tom Gibbons.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:05:39] A good marketing campaign is key to rebranding. Use ad rolls. Display it to everyone who follows you. Remarket on all platforms, your website, and your email database.

[00:07:42] Use Respona for networking. Study how others in your space market themselves. List them and reach out. Engage with their content and start contacting them.

[00:10:38] Podcasts are a networking tool. Reach out to potential guests on LinkedIn. Provide value. Keep a high level of updates. Connect with your community.

[00:16:15] Be the voice of your business. Put yourself out there because you know your company the best. Know your objectives and why you want them.

[00:20:52] LinkedIn and TikTok are best for organic growth. The reach of these platforms is better than Facebook and Instagram.

[00:31:08] What marketing agencies do. They provide options for your growth that suits best for you and encourage you to utilize new features on platforms and adapt.


Tom Gibbons is the Managing Director of Brightside Digital, a marketing agency based in Ireland that finds the best marketing solutions for businesses. He is also a host for the Digital Marketing Insights Show, a podcast that invites professionals in the digital space to speak about their journeys.

Tom’s LinkedIn: Thomas Gibbons


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Episode 58: How Marketing Agencies Help with Tom Gibbons


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