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On a scale from one to ten, how good have you been at asking for help at different points of your life?

Asking for help may be perceived as a weakness. But for conscious marketers like you, filled with ambition and driven by service, this is a superpower.

If you’ve been struggling on making that move to seek guidance and knowledge from experts, don’t fret. We’re here to give you some tips to develop this skill.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — How to Ask for Help with Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:01:57] Asking for help is a skill. Your inner perfectionist may have refused to ask for help as a trauma response. You may have done it in the past but have been rejected, masking it as defiance, avoiding being indebted to somebody, or following gender norms. However, these factors can still be navigated so you can learn this skill.

[00:09:12] Differentiate bad struggle and good struggle. Know when to ask for help. Have you done your initial research? Are you having a hard time putting into action a method you’ve studied? Be wary as you may just be wasting your time. Do the work first.

[00:13:07] Help is in your field. The best help you could get might just be right around the corner. Keep yourself open to it and appreciate it without being demanding.

[00:14:28] Reach out to the right person as soon as you can. You don’t have to solve everything on your own. A network or a mentor can be powerful in accelerating your progress.

[00:18:56] Use different sources for help. You can hire someone who can do the task faster and better than you and has an idea of your vision. Speak your need into the universe, your God, or whoever you believe in. Trust the answer.


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Episode 55: How to Ask for Help with Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik


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