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After retirement — what’s next?

So many people are stuck in an identity trap. Spending decades over-identifying themselves with their roles at work and home creates the limiting belief that there’s not much change available for them afterward. 

Encore Life Coach Scott Perry teaches that it is never too late to hear and heed the soul’s calling, even in life’s third act. Don’t die with the difference only you can make still inside of you. Live your legacy through an endeavor that aligns who you really are, with what you’re really good at, and where you really belong. 

Tune in to this new power-packed episode of the Conscious Marketer podcast — Creative on Purpose with Scott Perry.

Key points covered in this episode: 

[00:01:02] It is a joy to talk about mastering the art of encore living, finding fulfillment, forging meaning, and making your life’s biggest contribution after retirement. 

[00:02:48] Scott shares his early days as a troublemaker and not doing well in school. His unique transformation stemmed from getting a scholarship from a small private school. Discovering Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and the Bhagavad Gita became models for the rest of his life. 

[00:05:24] We all go through the three acts of life corresponding to the three acts of a play. The first act of life is your youth when you are learning and exploring, engaged in the pursuit of defining who you are. The second act of life is about career and family, and the third is when you are not validating yourself based on external measurements but are doing more internal work and [concerned about this idea of living or leaving a legacy.

[00:07:42] Becoming an “encore-preneur.” If you are nearing or retirement age, you can begin a new venture leveraging your wisdom and experience to do meaningful work with people you care about. Scott helps people that are 45+ that are already engaged in ventures that are stuck or want to scale. 

[00:11:08] Many of us have to hear our life speaking to us so that it can start happening through us. Entering the next half of life is more about legacy, impact, making a difference, and finding joy than the empty pursuit of happiness that most of us pursue in the first half of life. 

[00:13:57] Instead of moving from identity to identity, role to role in your daily life, why not just be who you are? The big shift happens when you finally hear your soul calling. When you finally embrace it, embody it everywhere you go. 

[00:17:46] What is empathetic antagonism? It is holding a safe space for people to see their challenges and their capacity to solve those problems themselves. As conscious marketers, we do it in a way full of empathy, compassion, and generosity, and let our students, clients, and customers find their own way into their healing and transformation. 

[00:23:22] What gives life meaning is that it will end. It is about what you will do from the womb to the tomb. A reminder for you: don’t die not making the difference that only you can make. Look at who you are and what you’re good at, and you can determine your gifts and unique life purpose.

[00:25:01] Define what’s essential and figure out how to do it effortlessly. Take a survey of these things: Who are you? What are you good at? Where do you belong? What are your core values? What are your guiding principles? What’s the vision of the world that you would love to co-create?  

[00:27:31] Step into a much bigger vision, even if you don’t think it’s possible. The hustle culture taught us to avoid our soul’s calling. Whatever state and age you are in life, it is never too late to become who you might have been. Trust yourself to make the best decisions that are most authentic to you.

[00:32:53] Scott shares that if you teach someone how to build and use their inner compass, they can use it for the rest of their lives. You must have faith in yourself and confidence that what’s meant for you will happen.

Scott Perry, Encore Life Coach

Scott helps people master the art of encore living—finding fulfillment, forging meaning, and making their life’s biggest contribution after retirement.

A few fun facts about Scott: he goes for a cemetery run every day and quotes Marcus Aurelius more often than he should. He also recently retired from both a 25-year career as a professional musician and a head coach for Seth Godin’s Akimbo Workshops. 

Scott’s mission is to help others hear and heed the call of vocation in their life’s 3rd act. Don’t die with the difference only you can make still inside. Live your legacy through an endeavor that aligns who you really are, with what you’re really good at and where you really belong. 

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Episode 46: Creative on Purpose Guest: Scott Perry


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