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Media consultant expert Mason Betsch is passionate about helping companies understand the distinction between marketing and advertising in the saturated digital space.

To Kylie Slavik and Richard Taubinger, he’s a “secret agent of change,” raising consciousness in the business of transformational programs.

Mason Betsch goes deep into his predictions on where platforms like Facebook are headed, using them to grow your business, and analyzing your data as a crucial key to success in the ever-changing online world.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — How to Future Proof Your Digital Advertising Campaigns with Mason Betsch.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:02:37] Life sends you on an unexpected path. Mason Betsch shares his early days as a musician and completely turning his life around after meeting a marketing agency director at a bar. He continues to play music to this day. “Keep your mind fresh by having a creative endeavor outside of the computer.”

[00:05:42] Marketers should foresee changes in the digital landscape. Facebook adjusting its data analytics after the Cambridge Analytica issue and Apple allowing users to opt out of marketing are just two examples of significant changes on platforms that Mason Betsch points out may affect marketing strategies. “It’s vital for a brand to get a hold of their data.”

[00:09:58] Marketing is eliciting an emotional response. Facebook ad expert Mason Betsch believes that people are motivated by genuine messages that pique their curiosity and innate desire to experience warmth and authenticity. Kylie Slavik adds, “The formula is to care about the people you are speaking to.”

[00:14:12] Any advertising campaign can’t overcome bad marketing and targeting. “Know your audience” may be cliché advice for marketers, but Mason Betsch describes how it goes deeper than that. Targeting your desired avatar takes much research and brainstorming.

  • “What brands do they support?”
  • “What products do they buy?”
  • “What other things do they consume aside from my work?”

Richard Taubinger builds on the idea, “The Facebook ad piece is one of the most important because when somebody shows interest and is on their feed every day, we can keep showing them [the piece].”

[00:19:11] Create a page optimized for conversion. Platforms like Facebook operate on a supply-and-demand model. Pricing changes depending on the number of users or when necessary. Mason Betsch emphasizes to his clients that a 50-cent lead isn’t less valuable or qualified than a $2 one.

[00:25:35] Get a good feel for what the offer is. Mason Betsch explains how if it’s hard for him to connect to the messaging, someone else may feel the same too. He uses his musical background as his “science” when scaling campaigns.

[00:33:12] Use platforms as a conduit to bring people into your orbit. Don’t rely on platforms to store and process your data. They’re only tools to connect you to your audience. Analyze the data from your perspective and feed it back to make actionable decisions for your business.

[00:36:47] Learn as much as possible so you can be dangerous. Educate yourself about how campaigns and platforms work. Mason Betsch recommends Ezra Firestone’s The Smart Marketer for straightforward and meaningful marketing advice.

Mason Betsch is a Paid Media Consultant, based in Nashville, TN with over 10 years of experience running advertising strategy and direct response campaigns for brands and both small and large businesses in the transformational/self help/healing/spirituality, publishing, music, entertainment, higher education, e-commerce, consumer goods, political and real estate industries. Mason also consults brands and companies on their marketing data plans to ensure that a sustained path for growth is achieved through paid media.   

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How to Future Proof Your Digital Advertising Campaigns with Mason Betsch


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