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It’s easy to write down financial goals, the challenge is figuring out how to get there.

In fact, getting to the first six figures in your business isn’t all about strategies and planning. It doesn’t have to be challenging when you adapt a fresh perspective towards money, and it effortlessly just comes your way.

For seasoned female-centered business consultant Samantha Hartley, it’s all about acknowledging your value and showing up as your best as you lay everything out on the table.

Tune in to this new episode of The Conscious Marketer podcast — How to Add $100K to Your Business with Samantha Hartley.

Key points covered in this episode:

[00:01:05] From corporate beginnings, listen as Samantha Hartley shares her start at The Coca-Cola Company and how it shaped her views on discovering one’s vocation and re-balancing priorities. She also adds, “Never burn your bridges and always look back to where you came from because that can be the source of all the good things that happen in your career going forward.”

[00:03:58] Helping women double their business without exhaustion is Samantha Hartley’s promise. Modern-day hustle culture taught us to grind to have the life we want. But this unhealthy mindset just accelerates our path to burnout. Working smarter – not harder – and aligning our decisions with our truest desires can break us from the habit of constant exhaustion. Samantha Hartley promises her clients that $100K (or even double!) in a year, with the premise of them opening up and allowing the universe to work through them. It never fails.

[00:08:17] Choose work that brings you joy. Would a new position satisfy your emotional needs right now? Would self-employment be right up your alley? Or do you want some time off? Samantha Hartley shares her experience about the importance of work-life balance and taking a “detox” from an unfulfilling job to recalibrate your life’s desires. “Doing business with clients is the primary channel for my spiritual path and the way that I am evolving and developing.”

[00:15:13] Nobody can put a number on your worth. “I’m worth only x dollars per hour.” “I cost x, and if I do this, it costs another x.” Be careful with your language. You should NEVER equate your worth with money. You’re an invaluable gift from the universe to planet Earth. Your skills, knowledge, and life experiences cannot be equated to any currency.

Instead, show your true value in your actions and business decisions. Your tribe – the right people who’ll joyfully pay even beyond the price – will come to you.

[00:14:44] Respect the energy in money. In our relationship and interactions with money, we must “watch our language” and be cautious in employing scarcity tactics such as bargaining and asking for discounts. The mindset of having less pushes us away from attracting money into our lives. Hartley also playfully drops an anecdote of her experience with Japan’s money manners.

[00:16:45] Identify your value through feedback. What value can I possibly bring to the world? If introspection isn’t working, seasoned consultant Samantha Hartley explains asking for a second opinion wouldn’t hurt. “What was valuable? Why was that valuable? What are you able to do now that you weren’t able to do before, and why’s that important to you?”

[00:19:14] Wealth has a lot of different meanings, but it would be an abundance of having the ability to serve other people. Advertising your products and services and throwing those positive adjectives in your marketing may feel braggy at first. Samantha Hartley highlights overcoming that gag response when shamelessly believing in your business and accepting compliments.

[00:27:05] Marketing is communication. Samantha Hartley points out choosing a medium you’re good at and you can “joyfully” do – whether it’s writing, video, or voice overs.

[00:29:12] Overcome the psychological barrier. You may have all the skills to get to $100K. But your mindset may be blocking your energy field to attract more wealth.

Samantha Hartley works with women consultants who are in transition, working to grow their businesses from the mid-6 to low 7 figures. She helps them multiply their revenues without exhaustion by working with perfect clients on transformational engagements, so they can have profitable, joyful consultancies. Her clients typically add $150,000-$600,000 in their first year together.

Samantha leads the Path to $2Million™ mastermind and hosts the Profitable Joyful Consulting podcast and Facebook group.

Before starting her business, Samantha worked in international marketing for The Coca-Cola Company in Moscow, Russia, and its Atlanta headquarters. She lives on Martha’s Vineyard with her husband and their fur kids.

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Episode 24: How to Add $100K to Your Business with Samantha Hartley


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