Energy Arts – Tai Chi Mastery Program

Energy Arts – Tai Chi Mastery Program

Energy Arts: Tai Chi Mastery Program

We were the managers for the production and marketing of The Tai Chi Mastery Program which is both a hard print and digital training program with over 50 hours of video teachings.

Energy Arts Inc.

Energy Arts is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive tai chi, qigong, internal martial arts, breathing and meditation programs on the planet. Founder and lineage holder Bruce Frantzis has trained students and instructors for over 40 years in these programs. Bruce is the author of nine seminal books on the transformative power of chi and teaches with a focus on the health and meditation aspects of the Taoist Water Tradition, a tradition that emphasizes naturalness, flow and spontaneity.

Energy Arts Website:

We were involved in the following for this project

  • Digital strategy
  • List building
  • Product launch management
  • Video production and editing
  • Social media creation

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