Welcome to Conscious Marketer

Our purpose is to raise the consciousness of humanity through business and online publishing.

We do this within our marketing agency by helping a select number leading-edge conscious businesses, entrepreneurs and publishers with conscious marketing and breakout digital (online) strategies. We offer training, strategy consultation, online product creation and turn-key product launches.

Our agency has managed over 200 online launches (online courses, membership sites, virtual summits, and high-ticket offers) that have generated over $35 million in revenue and reached over 25,000 people. We offer the following opportunities to work with us:


  • Online Trainings: We offer a select number of online programs to help you build your marketing plan, brand guide and to execute your online launches.
  • The Conscious Creator Mastermind – We offer an intimate weekly training and mentor group for conscious creators and entrepreneurs that also meets 3 times a year.
  • Private Client Engagement [The Soul Syndicate] – We work in partnership with a limited number of client each year as a turn-key marketing agency managing all aspects of launches including concept, copy, technical setup and execution.  

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Richard Taubinger

CEO, Conscious Marketer

Richard started Conscious Marketer to serve conscious businesses, entrepreneurs and publishers create and launch products and services on the internet.

He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) retired status. Richard has worked in the fields of investment management, venture capital and higher education. His passion is working in partnership with brands and movements that help people with inner transformation as well as writing about conscious marketing and business. He lives in Maine with his family and travels to train and work with clients.


Supporting Children & Meditation

The Conscious Marketer Team gathered in the Summer of 2016 and decided as a group to make part of our purpose and mission to support a community movement with time, expertise and finances.

We decided to contribute to a cause that would help children and young adults connect with their own inner guidance through meditation and mindfulness. Currently we are actively choosing several organizations to work with who are teaching meditation in schools and other venues.

We have been working with Mission Be as a marketing partner to bring their work into elementary schools, high schools and to parents.

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