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A 3-Day ONLINE Experience to Grow Your Email List with Micro-Summits, Affiliate Webinars & Paid Ads

Over 15+ Hours of Teachings & Recordings Provided

Richard Taubinger (Conscious Marketer) brings heart, soul, AND strategy in his work, enabling messages of hope, inspiration, and love to reach the masses. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with him and his team are blessed to have their unique combination of skills and powerful sense of purpose as an antidote to the tired, manipulative methods of marketing that are so prevalent today. Here’s to a new era of communication, teaching, and connecting with heart and respect! Thank you Richard for your dedication to this mission.

– Amanda Pua Walsh, Founder & CEO Astrology Hub

A Special Invitation to Join Us for a Summer of List Building

Dear Soul Family,

We are super excited to invite you to attend our Virtual Summer Camp!

This is our ALL NEW annual offering we created so that during the summer you can jump ahead of the pack to upgrade your business and be ready for the Fall. We designed it so it is fun and can directly lead to helping you create greater impact and profitability.

Most therapists, authors, creators, teachers and conscious entrepreneurs are NOT at capacity and need more clients or buyers for their offers.

And the key to that is your EMAIL AND DISTRIBUTION LIST.

You both need to find the RIGHT people to add to your list AND grow your list so that by simply sending emails and being in relationship with your people, they sign up for your programs and services.

So we have chosen our BEST three strategies to share with YOU that have enabled us to get over 1 million email sign-ups for our own company and for our clients over the last several years.

On Virtual Summer Camp Day 1, you’ll learn our Micro-summit Model. We have never taught this outside our closed groups but we will be sharing this with you to help you develop your own micro-summit.

On Day 2 you will learn our Conscious Affiliate Webinar Formula. This has been our GO-TO method to build big email lists and create enduring partner relationships.

Then on Day 3, we will look at Paid Advertising through platforms such as Facebook. This world keeps evolving and we want to share what is working now. We will share with you how we write our copy and set up campaigns.

We’ve also asked some superstars to be guest teachers for our Virtual Summer Camp.

Here is who we have confirmed:

  • Tami Simon – Founder of Sounds True: Will share how she approaches her podcast as part of her business
  • Cassie Clouser, Founder of Brand Mythologist: The go-to expert on how to create a brand and style guide so you stand out in crowded markets
  • Mason Betsch, Founder Betsch Inc: One of the top paid ad managers for many of the top spiritual teachers and psychologists in the world
  • Todd Herman, elite performance coach to some of the world’s greatest athletes, creator of the 90-Day Year program, and author of the best-selling book, The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life

This is a not to be missed event!

Just one day, one idea, or one talk could change your business forever.

We recommend everyone attend LIVE as we teach…it is the best way. And for those who can not make it for the days or some of the sessions, we will send you the recordings.

If you want more clients this is for you.
If you want to create a bigger impact in the world this is for you.
If you want to feel like you are gaining momentum in the summer, not losing it, then this is for you.
And, if you are ready to tap into your higher calling for yourself, clients, family, and the world this is for you.

You can get all the information on this page…AND just say YES!

We look forward to serving you…

See you this year at our Virtual Summer Camp.


Richard, Kylie, and
the Conscious Marketer Team

Richard Taubinger & Kylie Slavik

P.S. Each day will have around 5 hours of teachings including guest talks. Again, ALL calls will be recorded so you can watch them later.

P.P.S. There is a no refund policy on the Virtual Summer Camp because we plan to over-deliver. We only want those who are 100% committed to doing the work and extracting the value of the teachings.

Working with Kylie has completely redefined my capacity as a storyteller and Light Leader. I’ve always been a creative + poetic writer, but it was like pulling teeth to create marketing messages that moved my tribe into action. The depth of love and wisdom Kylie puts into everything she touches has not only turned me into a full on nerd for all things Archetype and story, but I have also made more money, more impact, and more influence than ever before. She helps me land my creative, Indigo Child “plane” so that I can do the work I’m here to do in a way that deliciously turns on my soul. If you ever have the chance to co-create magic with Kylie, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just say yes… and get to work

Nikka Karli, Woman’s Embodiment Mentor & Storyteller

Lessons Learned from Adding
Over 1 Million Souls to Emails Lists

We are often asked, “What should I spend my time on in order to grow my business and impact?” 

The answer is online list building efforts by providing massive value IN ADVANCE of a person buying from you.

BUT, when we look at most online creators they often spend very little or no time on list building.

Yes, it’s important to have a great offer. Yes it’s important to over deliver after you make the sale. What we have found is most creators are great at creating transformation once they have the customer to serve…but they are not so good at finding them. But that is where we come in.

So over 3 days, we are going to break down our BEST and MOST important strategies we use for clients and our own company.

Let’s look at what will be inside our three days together…

When it comes to working with people who feel allergic to marketing, Richard Taubinger is a genius. He intuitively senses a path forward that matches the audience’s needs with your unique gifts. He is part seer, part marketer, and part empowerment coach. I am forever grateful to Richard Taubinger and Conscious Marketer for helping exponentially further Sound True’s reach and impact in the world, in alignment with our values and what I care about more.

– Tami Simon, Founder of Sounds True & the Inner MBA Program

What’s Inside the Summer Camp Curriculum:

We will share an overview of how we do list building for our clients and those we serve. Then we will dive into one of our most effective go-to methods: the Micro-Summit.

On Day One you will learn:

  • An overview of the 9 primary opt in methods
  • How to plan your work time
  • The difference between event based and perennial opt in strategies
  • The power of the Conscious Micro-Summit Model
  • How to map out a Micro-Summit in 30 minutes or less
  • Templates for ask letters, email copy, and opt in pages

Special Day 1 Bonus Teaching Session:

Tami Simon: How to Create a Movement through Podcasts


The Conscious Affiliate Webinar, more than any other technique, has been the one that is the simplest and natural to execute plus can naturally attract the perfectly aligned client to work with you. One of the most important aspects is having people support you in your work and endorse your expertise.

On Day Two you will learn:

  • An overview of the Conscious Affiliate Webinar 
  • How to do outreach
  • How to set up the presentation and flow of the webinar
  • A worksheet to map out your own affiliate webinar plan
  • Email copy and opt-in page copy

Special Day 2 Bonus Teaching Session:

Cassie Clouser, Founder of Brand Mythologist: How to Set Up A Simple Brand Guide For Your Opt-in And Launch 


Once you have a core offer, then one of the most important methods to get new clients is to get a paid ad funnel. We will give you a step-by-step guide to writing and running ads with one of the leading FB ad managers in the transformation space. 

On Day Three you will learn:

  • What is a Self-Liquidating Ad funnel
  • How we go about writing FB ads
  • How we film FB videos
  • What is working now on Facebook
  • How to set up an audience and how to leverage the algorithms
  • What to do when your ads are not working or cost too much

Special Day 3 Bonus Teaching Session:

Todd Herman, creator of the 90 Day Year program and best-selling author: The Alter Ego Effect: Avoid Resistance, Remove Fear, and Become More Confident In Your List-Building Endeavors.

The Daily Virtual Summer Camp Experience

Each day we’ll work together as a group to have fun and create usable assets to grow your email list.

Your Hosts, Teachers, & Guest Faculty

Meet Your Mentors AND GUIDES

Richard Taubinger

Richard Taubinger

CEO & Founder of Conscious Marketer

Richard, CEO of Conscious Marketer, is one of the world’s leading digital strategy and launch experts. His agency executes over 30 online launches each year including summits, membership sites, and signature online programs.  His clients include conscious leaders, authors, publishers, and transformative technology companies that are reshaping the world. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) retired status.

Richard Taubinger

Kylie Slavik

Director of Storytelling and Branding of Conscious Marketer

Kylie discovered that grabbing attention and winning hearts works the same in marketing as it does in art. She’s helped thousands of visionaries be more authentic in their marketing while reaching the right audience with their message. Her goal is to transform human consciousness and the quality of life on planet Earth for all beings by helping entrepreneurs, practitioners, and spiritual people share their truth with the world in a bigger way.

Tami Simon

Todd Herman

Cassie Clouser

Julia McPherson

Sarah Kruez

Mason Betsch

Mark Romero

Nancy Hopps

When You Join the Program, Here is What You’ll Receive …

1)  Access to the LIVE 3-Day Online Event Replays

Join us LIVE for a 3-day online event dedicated to building your email list. Each day will include 5 hours of trainings for a total of 15 hours over the course of 3 days. Each call is intended to give you the direction and space needed to help you start building or expanding your email list in a way that is simple yet efficient. You can also watch the replays if you miss the live calls.

2) Access to Private Facebook Community

Our Private Facebook Group will connect you with a worldwide community of like-minded people to share feedback and experiences, as well as give and receive support.

This will be your community resource for connecting with other members so that you can find your people while sharing your wins and progress.

3) Downloadable Video & Audio Recordings

Each training will come with downloadable video and audio recordings. This will allow you to easily access your training while on the go and to review the teaching materials at your leisure. These downloads will be your resource to ensure that you have all the tools you need for success.

4) A Private Member Portal

All of the membership material will be held in a private member portal for easy access either on your desktop computer or iPad. You can also download a mobile app so that you can access all of the material on your phone so that this information travels with you wherever you go. Inside this membership portal is where you will also find your call recordings, bonus materials, & training videos.

Plus You’ll Receive These Special Bonuses


How to Choose the Right Email System for Your Business

with Julia McPherson

Julia walks you through the process of choosing an email marketing system that can scale with your needs. In this training, you will learn more about:

  • What an email marketing system is and why you need one
  • The 5 essential things a good system provider must have
  • A breakdown of 3 different email providers plus the pros and cons of each


The Art of Organic Social Media List Building

with Sarah Kreuz

In this training workshop, you’ll discover how to use Social Media to build your email list, get your work out into the world and start serving more people. You’ll learn how to release these false beliefs so you can share your message online, grow your email list, serve more souls, and make the impact you are being called to create. In this training, you will learn more about:

  • The #1 belief stopping you from generating leads online for free and how to overcome it
  • The simple process for moving people from social media to your email list
  • How you can start getting email subscribers from Social Media today

What You’ll Receive as a Member

A Intensive Training to Grow Your Email List with Micro-Summits, Affiliate Webinars & Paid Ads

Here is everything you'll receive:

1. 3-Days of Virtual Summer Camp recordings including 3 additional guest training sessions on 'The Alter-Ego' (Todd Herman), 'Podcasting' (Tami Simon), and 'Launch Branding' (Cassie Clouser) [15+ Hours of Training]

2. Downloadable access to audio, video, and transcripts

3. Private Membership Portal for all access files

PLUS the Following Bonuses:

BONUS 1: How to Choose the Right Email Program (CRM) for Your Business with Julia McPerson

BONUS 2: The Art of Organic Social Media List Building with Sarah Kruez

“These are not just customers or people on your list but rather souls that you are being called to serve and help.”

– Richard Taubinger, CEO Conscious Marketer 

Enrollment is open now for replay access!

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One-Time Payment:



Save $500

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3 Monthly Payments:



Save $500

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The Virtual Summer Camp’s Refund Policy

The Virtual Summer Camp has a no-refund policy because of the massive value we’ve put inside this online event.

This 3-day experience is a powerful activator for those who desire to serve others, do the necessary work to grow their online impact, and are ready to go all in. Please trust your inner guidance to know if this is right for you.

“Your story is your greatest asset!”

Kylie Slavik


What Others Are Saying About Conscious Marketer

Through sharing my stories, I’ve shared my own journey and my vulnerabilities. In removing a veneer of “perfection” I’ve shred more of myself: my foibles and struggles. Going more public with this “real” side of me has enabled me to improve my connection with my readers, upped engagement and improved my business’ sales by 50%. But more importantly, it has also allowed me to tap back into where I was and who I was previously, when I was standing in my readers’ shoes. It’s reconnected me to why I do my work in the first place, and just how much my work can transform my client’s lives.

- Rosie Paterson, Founder & Coach to Women At Living Rosy

You Richard Taubinger and Kylie Slavik really helped me sort out the confusion from the online marketing business I have been exposed to the last six months!

- Anne-Grete Bjørlo

I just want to send deep heartfelt gratitude to Richard & Kylie for the enormous amount of value, knowledge, and perception shifts they have offered to me. I’ve been coaching for 5 years, and my reluctance to marketing has me still working a part time job. I WISH I had your guidance at the start of my business.

- Shelly Haas

Kylie helped me get to the heart of ME, my unique story, and how that relates to the women I am meant to serve. Almost immediately after implementing what I learned, the engagement on my social media posts skyrocketed and I doubled my email list. Less than two weeks after her training, I signed a $30,000 client who said she was inspired to join because she resonated so deeply with my story. It was my first sale at that price point. If you have been struggling with clarity on who you are, what you do, and how you serve, you have to do this work. You will feel so empowered, confident, and authentic afterwards and the results will speak for themselves.

- Natalie Ann Taggart, Leadership & Empowerment Coach for Woman

“I find Richard Taubinger nothing short of genius. Since we started working together, my online business has grown exponentially. He is dedicated, sincere, endlessly creative, and very very sharp. Finding Richard counts as one of the great investments of my career.”

Terry Real, therapist & bestselling author

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions live or prerecorded?

This event will be broadcasted LIVE over the course of three days. All bonus materials and  trainings are pre-recorded. All calls and recordings will be loaded to a membership site for easy access.

What are the dates and times of the live sessions?

The calls will take Friday August 11th, Saturday August 12th and Sunday August 13th from 8AM – 1PM PDT.

Check this call time in your time zone using this tool:

How can I get support?

We are here to support you along the way with any questions you may have about accessing the membership.

*For support please email:

Please always use this support email rather than posting in the Facebook group. We typically answer within 24 hours or sooner and we are here to make your journey as easy as possible.

I signed up but I haven't heard anything...

Sometimes our emails might end up in your junk/spam/promotions folder, so please do check there!

What if I do not have the time for the program?

There is a famous saying by a meditation master where a student asks, “What if I don’t have time to meditate for 10 minutes a day” The reply is, ‘Then you should meditate for 60 minutes a day.”

The framework we are giving you will help lead you to be consistent in the areas that will most impact your business. By developing the habit of blocking time to create emails, create social posts and videos, you will start to create a breakout and you will also start on the path of online mastery.

If you really want to achieve success with an online business, we have created the most focused way for you to move forward doing what matters most (and often this will NOT be the most urgent on your list).

Every week you will be creating rather than consuming content, that you will be sending and posting to nurture and build your community. Rather than go for big wins we will go for small wins each and every week that will add up over time to move you closer to where you want to be.

What You’ll Receive as a Member

A Intensive Training to Grow Your Email List with Micro-Summits, Affiliate Webinars & Paid Ads

Here is everything you’ll receive:

1. 3-Days of Virtual Summer Camp recordings including 3 additional guest training sessions on ‘The Alter-Ego’ (Todd Herman), ‘Podcasting’ (Tami Simon), and ‘Launch Branding’ (Cassie Clouser) [15+ Hours of Training]

2. Downloadable access to audio, video, and transcripts

3. Private Membership Portal for all access files

PLUS the Following Bonuses:

BONUS 1: How to Choose the Right Email Program (CRM) for Your Business with Julia McPerson

BONUS 2: The Art of Organic Social Media List Building with Sarah Kruez

Enrollment is open for replay access!

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One-Time Payment:



Save $500

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3 Monthly Payments:



Save $500

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Pay with PayPal

Customer Testimonial Disclaimer: As with any business and online training, your results using our programs will significantly vary from the stated testimonials. We cannot guarantee financial or other results because the outcome is based on many factors such as knowledge, distribution list quality, skill set, market selection, and dozens of other internal and external factors. This is not a ‘get rich scheme’. It takes real work, effort, and persistence to be successful. We promise to provide you with our best strategies, tools, and techniques to help you succeed; however, we are not able to guarantee your results.

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